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[/] You have a unibrow (lol. kinda)
[x] You often say random things at random moments
[ ] You're not very intelligent
[x] You like buttered toast
[ ] You like chickens
[x] You enjoy monster/horror movies
[ ] You have super human strength; or are at least very strong
[x] You don't mind living among filthy or smelly things
[ ] You have a younger sibling and are afraid of him/her
[ ] You have a big appetite
Total: 4.5

Edd (Double D):
[ ] You're clever
[ ] Most people often ask you for advice or assistance
[ ] You often wear a hat or some other type of headwear
[ ] You have a secret and keep it hidden from everyone
[x] You're not very athletic
[x] You enjoy helping others
[x] You often don't want to get involved in any kind of trouble
[ ] You label your belongings
[x] You often repeat things at least three times; ex. "messy messy messy"
[ ] You're a neat freak
Total: 4

[x] You love money
[x] You have a favourite type of candy and are obsessed with it
[x] You often yell when you speak
[x] You're short
[ ] You're overconfident or at least very confident
[ ] You talk about yourself, even if what you say isn't true
[ ] You like to or try to scam others
[ ] You show off
[x] You hate school
[ ] You like to prank people
Total: 5

[ ] You're a jock
[x] You usually call people something insulting; ex. "dork", "geek", "punk"...
[x] You like the colour green
[ ] You have a bike
[x] You accomplished many tasks
[ ] Almost everyone likes you
[x] You make fun of or laugh at people
[ ] You say "choice" a lot
[ ] You are or often take the role as a leader
[ ] You're afraid of getting needles from doctors
Total: 4

[ ] You have an imaginary friend
[ ] You believe your imaginary friend is real
[x] You're weird
[x] People think you're annoying
[ ] You have a big head
[ ] You're bald
[ ] You have respect for Mother Nature
[x] You like animals
[x] You don't mind taking orders from people
[ ] You celebrate Arbor Day
Total: 4

[ ] You have a funny accent
[ ] You live in another country that isn't your birthplace
[ ] You work on a farm
[ ] You talk about your family a lot
[ ] You often say things other people don't understand
[ ] You refer to yourself in third-person
[ ] You enjoy "shiny" music
[ ] You're stronger when you're mad
[ ] You like to eat meat
[ ] You have awkward traditions
Total: 0

[X] You're timid
[X] You want to be famous (Who wouldn't be? I just hope it wouldn't be over something like eating a used tampon.)
[X] You want to be strong
[ ] You cry a lot
[ ] You have a friend who fights for you
[ ] You like stuffed animals
[X] Your wear braces
[X] You get frightened easily
[X] You're accident prone
[ ] You like fairy tales
Total: 6

[X] You're bossy
[X] You have a bad temper
[X] You can be sweet one minute then mean the next minute
[X] You have an older brother
[ ] You protect your friend(s)
[ ] You threaten to snitch on somebody if they don't obey you
[ ] You like playing with toys
[X] You have a brilliant imagination
[ ] You have a diary
[ ] You're strong for your size
Total: 5

[ ] Others think you're cute
[ ] Most people notice your beauty rather than your character
[ ] You have blonde hair
[X] You giggle a lot
[ ] You have a high spirit
[ ] You enjoy doing aerobics
[ ] You love your school
[X] You scold somebody when they've done something wrong
[ ] You often say "dude"
[ ] You're a tomboy
Total: 2

May Kanker:
[ ] You're attracted to the unintelligent types
[X] You're goofy-looking
[X] You have buck teeth
[X] You're naïve (About somethings...)
[X] You're clumsy
[X] You talk funny
[X] You're often picked on by your siblings
[X] You can be surprisingly smart sometimes
[X] You have a wild imagination
[X] You hate doing chores
Total: 9

Marie Kanker:
[X] You're attracted to the intelligent types (My favorite characters are usually intelliget.)
[/] You hair covers at least one of your eyes (I used to, I'm giveing myself a half X)
[/] You wear baggy pants (Sometimes..)
[ ] You pick on people
[X] You hang with your siblings even though you argue and fight
[ ] You save gum for later
[ ] You enjoy kissing
[X] You think some people are weird
[X] You're jealous
[ ] You like/watch wrestling
Total: 5

Lee Kanker:
[ ] You're attracted to the loud-mouth types
[/] Your hair covers your eyes (Again, I'm giving myself another half X)
[X] You don't like it when people touch you hair
[X] You argue or fight with your siblings
[X] You like polka dots
[X] You have a prized possession
[ ] You flirt
[ ] You like to fight
[ ] You like getting into trouble
[ ] You ditch or have ditched school
Total: 4.5

Well... I'm definitely not Rolf. In conclusion, the character with the most in common with me is May Kanker. Who could have predicted this outcome? XD 


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Meg1 2 days ago  Hobbyist Writer
Did the  note  go through?  =)
ladyaspirin Apr 15, 2014  New member
Thank you for the watch! :)
chuckylover911 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I love all your Chucky fan art. UwU I saw it posted on Pride of Chucky just before the website went under construction. I think Dr. Death is really going to take the site down once and for all, which is really sad in my opinion. 
ladyaspirin 6 days ago  New member
Oh, thank you! Glad you do! <3
I know... I was new to it and really enjoying. Such a shame. If they do get it back tho, there will likely be some major changes
chuckylover911 6 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been a member since the site was first put up, so it's been hard coming to accept that there won't be a Pride Of Chucky anymore.

And yeah, I read that on the forums. I think the way Dr. Death is handling the situation is a bit much. It's like he's punishing the Chucky community for what happened to him with Isiah and the facebook page, which is really unfortunate.
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Meg1 Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Did  me   note  go through?  Sometimes DA  doesn't always send them  for me.
chuckylover911 Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes it did! Sorry for the wait! 
Meg1 Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
its okay ^^
Meg1 Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Sorry the  post is  late, I feel  sleep  bit early last night. I have  posted and will be on today and tonight  =)
DarienRachelle27 Apr 2, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
Thanks for the 4 favorites from my Kick-Ass series!
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